Port Opua

Port Opua enjoys a close relationship with Archipelagos and Latitude 38 and is always keen to support the Rendez-vous Regatta event at Tahiti-Moore.

Many of you will be considering coming to New Zealand following your fantastic stay in French Polynesia and representatives of the Port will be around to encourage you to take your adventures to New Zealand. They will be available to answer questions and help with logistics including arranging any specific services.

Port Opua is the main Port of Entry in to New Zealand.

Over 430 cruising yachts clear Customs there each year.

The Port has a full range of services for yachters including Opua Marina which is shortly to be expanded to cope with the growth in demand. It is a warm friendly place set in the iconic Bay of Islands – the most popular recreational boating paradise in New Zealand.

We looking forward to seeing you!