The “Rendez-vous” concept.

The event Tahiti-Moorea Sailing RDV is organized by Archipelagoes and Latitude 38, together with their major partners: Tahiti Tourism, Cities of Papeete and Moorea-Maiao and several private partners (Air Tahiti Nui, Port autonome de Papeete, Pacific Sud Yacht, Sin Tung Hin Marine, Tahiti Crew, Eco Car Tahiti, Les 3 Brasseurs and Aremiti Ferry). Since 2011, nautical industry partners from New Zealand, Fiji and Australia join us: Whangarei Marine Group (, Bay of Islands Marina (, Port Whangarei Marine Center (, Vuda Marina Fidji (

Map from Tahiti to Moorea

The Tahiti Moorea Sailing RDV is an annual three-day event that aims to give a warm Polynesian welcome to cruising sailors while celebrating their successful ocean crossing.

It gives the opportunity to our guests to discover, through a friendly rally, the charm of our islands, their warm-hearted inhabitants and the richness of the Polynesian culture.

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You can also register as a team member and take part in the regatta without having a boat.


Last Year Participants:
  • Beach Flea (USA)
  • Me Too (USA)
  • Acapella (Netherlands)
  • Jonas (Netherlands)
  • Slow Flight (USA)
  • Nautilee (Australia)
  • My Dream (USA)
  • Terrapin (USA)
  • Alcyone (USA)
  • Wiz (USA)
  • Illimité (USA)
  • Black Watch (USA)
  • Just Passing Wind (USA)
  • Mysticeti (USA)
  • Solace (NZ)
  • Wildline (USA)
  • Muse III (Canada)
  • Anna Caroline (Netherlands)
  • She San (Swiss)
  • Sula (NZ)
  • Findus (Germany)
  • Kapai (NZ)
  • Ballena (USA)
  • Wildberry (British)
  • Kandiba  (Turkey)
  • Jandamarra (Australia)
  • Spill the Wine (USA)
  • Serengeti (USA)
  • All Day (Russia)
  • Sky Blue Eyes (USA)
  • Blessing (USA)
  • SweetPea (USA)
  • Robusta (Swiss)
  • Monark (Canada)