The entry fee of 40 US$ ( 35 euro or 4000 Fcp) per person ( half price for children under 10 years old) includes :

  • A souvenir T-shirt
  • Administration of the race/rally to Moorea on Saturday ;
  • A beer on Friday during registration ;
  • A flower necklace , the cocktail and dance performance on Saturday evening  in Moorea
  • The final punch on Sunday afternoon
  • Participation in all the traditional Polynesian sports demonstrations, including the six-person outrigger canoe races on Sunday, plus music and dance presentation, and the awards ceremony
  • A souvenir engraved shell per boat.

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Guest Crew

Can you offer a ride to Tahitian crew?
One of the most important goals of the Rendezvous is to promote cultural exchange in various ways. So every year we encourage visiting boat owners to invite a few residents of Tahiti to ride along on the crossing to Moorea (Saturday, August 21).
It may surprise you that relatively few islanders have access to sailing, or fully understand the lifestyle of international cruisers — especially how most of them are committed to taking good care of “Moana” (the ocean).
All guests will bring their own lunch boxes, and will disembark upon arrival at Moorea.
This year, in order to promote a wide-ranging cultural exchange, we have extended the invitation to enjoy a “day at sea” to disadvantaged youth, via Papeete’s social services agency.
We hope you will consider participating in this cross-cultural exchange.

Dinner on Shore

In Moorea, Saturday, August 21, dinner (Maa'a Tahiti) and danse - 4 000 XPF (under 12 years : 2 500 XFP)

In Moorea, Sunday lunch, August 22 (spit-roast veal) - 3 000 XPF (under 12 years : 2 000 XFP)