Map from Tahiti to Moorea

JUNE 23th

10h Departure from the quai, join the departure line outside the pass of Papeete motoring.

Sailing rallye departure will be given by the Yacht Club of Tahiti near the committee boat outside the pass of Papeete.

VHF Chanel 8

Category1 (<42’): departure at 10:30 am.
Category 2 (>42’): departure at 10:40 am

  • Upon arrival at Paopao/Cook’s Bay, line up with land beacons.
  • Permanent priority must be given to shuttle boats operating in the Tahiti-Moorea channel.

The 15 NM crossing Tahiti to Moorea will be conducted as a rally and not as a race.

  • If weather conditions cannot allow an arrival before 3:00 pm, the organizing committee can shorten the race by marking a finishing line in deep sea.

Moorea Mooring Area